Sarra Keppola

Trillby & Chadwick

Detective stories in English for Trillby & Chadwick “speakeasy” bar’s drink menu, 2017 and 2018. 2018 the drink menu won the award of Best Cocktail Menu of Finland in the nordic Bartender’s Choice Awards.

“Trillby’s diary
-Delhi, January 3, 1909

I am stuck here, forlorn, betwixt the red walls of the city of old enchanted times, wondering how I ever deemed it a decent idea to favour the exotica of daughter India against the hearty warmth of mother England’s bosom at dear Chadwick’s country home with his lively family. I guess it a queer compulsion I am never to rid myself of, to be drawn to the excitement of field work. Excitement indeed. It is not far from torture to be bound to this cubbyhole of a room, with only the monotonously flashing lightbulb hanging from the ceiling to mark the time. With my tormented eyes fixed on the doorway across the cul-de-sac I have but the enticing scent of saffron swaying in the sour air and the trusty bottle of juniper liquor on the only piece of furniture in my stately confinement to ease, or rather to exasperate, the growing growl in the void of my stomach. My kingdom for a hot paratha and a bottle of zesty banta!”


Villeroy & Boch

Translations En-Fi for marketing materials of novelties 2019.

“Old Luxembourg Brindille -sarja on raikas uudelleentulkinta klassikkosarjasta Old Luxembourg. Sinivalkoinen kuosi pelkistetyssä muodossa solmii perinteikkyyden nykyaikaan. Klassinen kuviointi saa näin nuorekkaan ja modernin ilmeen. Villeroy & Boch on uudistanut itseään ja astiastojaan jo vuodesta 1748.”


All My Aunt’s Pets

Translation Fi-En for animated short film by Iiti Yli-Rinne

“Then one evening Jaska jumped on the rug, good thing I noticed. Somehow he then went to the pipe and popped. Not quite sure what happened there.”



Copyediting in English for website of branding, digital and strategic design office Loud.

“Hello! We amaze at branding, digital and strategy. We definitely suck in the kitchen. Let’s meet and fall in love!

We believe that brand is a matter of feeling – at best it’s charismatic & lovable. At worst, it’s rain in November. We will help you hit the right spark.”


114 Doors

Translation Fi-En for short documentary film by Anna-Mari Nousiainen

“Well really the best part about these works is the chance to meet such a diversity of people…and often they are people outside your own sphere, completely different age group and different experiences in life…and simply to go to another person’s home, in to their own personal space. It can be a very intimate situation to be let to someone’s home.

I always get to hear lots of stories about the place and the history of the area and the people’s relation to the place…and it would be interesting to tell more about the people and the encounters, but somehow I feel it’s meant to stay between me and them, I don’t want to share too much of those things…but those are exactly the kind of things that make this work interesting for me.

And I’m also happy that through this project I have been able to get to know all kinds of places that otherwise I would not have had any connection to.

Art is actually a great way to go to places you wouldn’t otherwise get to go.”


Physical Opera

Dramaturgy in Finnish for physical theater performance Peter Pan for physical theatre group Physical Opera.

“- Yksi merirosvoista asettaa lankun paikoilleen ja hakee yhden pojista sille. Wendy sidotaan mastoon ja Koukku pakottaa Wendyä katsomaan lankulle.

- Samassa Pan saapuu paikalle ja alkaa kivuta laivaan tikittäen kuin krokotiili

Koukku: Krokotiili! Piilottakaa minut!

- Koukku kauhistuu, vajoaa polvilleen ja konttaa merirosvojen taakse piiloon. Yksi rosvoista menee muiden huomaamatta katsomaan, mutta Pan heittää rosvon mereen.

Smee: Molskahtikos se takaisin mereen?

- Merirosvot luulevat, että krokotiili molskahtikin takaisin mereen ja kurottelevat kaikki laivan reunan yli tähyten krokotiilia.

- Pan vapauttaa Wendyn ja kajauttaa ilmoille huikean kiekaisun.

Merirosvot: Kuka se on?!

- Merirosvot kääntyvät ja näkevät kauhuissaan mitä on tapahtunut.

Pan, Wendy, Lapset: Peter Pan!”