Copywriting in English/Finnish I will create the text for you, with your intended message, in your voice and with direct clarity for the reader. I’m also happy to create content with more storytelling and character! I am fluent in both English and Finnish and do deliver texts in either or both of these languages.

Translation en-fi/fi-en The translations will be made with the intended message, voice and audience in mind. Getting the message through requires more than turning the language word-to-word. I specialise in creative and marketing texts, but more technical texts will be promptly translated as well.

Editing in English/Finnish Editing is the careful polishing of your own text with your intended message, voice and audience in mind. If you wish to have multiple fragments turned into a coherent piece or to make sure your text is working as it should, I will do the work for you and give your text the boost and character it deserves!

Proofread in English/Finnish It is never a bad idea to have fresh eyes look at your text to give it that final stamp of correctness. Let’s discuss whether you only need a check for typos and grammar or if you want a little more effort concerning syntax and styling.


The fee will depend on the specific text and task, but these are the approximate reference prices:

  • Copywriting

    50€/h 150€/p

  • Translation

    40€/h 60€/p

  • Editing

    40€/h 40€/p

  • Proofread

    30€/h 10€/p

Vat of 24% will be added on top of these rates.

I will always give a definitive maximum price for the job in my price offer after seeing the text. Each task is priced individually and your job offer is in no way binding before you have agreed to my price offer in writing.